Missing Child Bureau Karnataka

By BOSCO- Bangalore Oniyavara Seva Coota

Project Brief

MCB Karnataka would like to contribute its efforts to understand the extent of the problem of missing children and find a strategy for reinstating the children to their families.The program of missing children is designed to have links with all child related organizations and government homes across the state of Karnataka and generate the data of every unaccompanied child who is staying in the institutions and elsewhere.

Transparancy RatingVerififed by Big4 Audit Firm

    Key Outcomes

    • Stronger database for missing children in the state of Karnataka
    • Better awareness levels in general public
    • A single platform for all NGOs and State departments for missing and unaccompanied children
    • Larger no. of families reporting missing children
    • Increase in chance of families finding their missing children
    • Low rates of criminal activities by trafficking of children


  • Thematic Area: Child Welfare
  • Project Location: 
    Bengaluru (Bangalore), Karnataka, India
  • Budget:  USD 71,001
  • Beneficiaries: 350