Education for Under Priviliged Children

By Grameena Abyudaya Seva Samsthe -GASS

Project Brief

The proposed project envisages to provide quality non-formal education to 160 underprivileged children (6 to 18 years) from, Karnataka. Bridge education shall be provided to 60 drop out children (6 to 14 years) and they shall be enrolled in schools once they achieve the minimum learning level as per their age.

Transparancy RatingVerififed by Big4 Audit Firm

    Key Outcomes

    • Improvement of learning levels over baseline score
    • Decrease In Absenteeism and enhancing of computer skills over baseline


  • Thematic Area: Education
  • Project Location: 
    Bengaluru (Bangalore), Karnataka, India
  • Budget:  USD 93,126
  • Beneficiaries: 160