Covid-19 Psycho-Social support

By SocioLadder Foundation
Covid-19 Psycho-Social support

Project Brief

As we fight covid19, we need to know that COVID-19 and mental health problems are “bi-directional" hence a lot of importance should be placed on mentle well being

Transparancy RatingVerififed by Big4 Audit Firm

    Key Outcomes

    • Higher proportion of individuals who came out of fear, stress, anxiety, and panic attacks.
    • Proportion of couples who continued to stay together (divorce/separation averted)
    • Proportion of individuals who adopted alternative livelihoods because of career counselling


  • Thematic Area: Livelihood
  • Project Location: 
    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Budget:  USD 150,000
  • Beneficiaries: 5000