About Us

SocioLadder Foundation is a charitable organization founded to achieve the dream of global Wealth and Income equity. The challenges of globalization and continuing industrialization has given rise to rampant accumulation of wealth and income at a convoluted core, leading to large-scale disparities in income levels. The resultant damage to human freedom and equal opportunity is palpable. We have set our sights to an assured right of self-destruction, if the pace of accumulating disparities and propagating imbalance is unchecked.

Shravan Charya, the Founder, in his white paper "A Practical Method of Wealth Redistribution" propounds a practical theory for the involuntary redistribution of wealth using consumer economics as its fundamental tenet. It offers to tame the bull of capitalistic anarchy with that of its own democratic values to transform the lives of the "Have-nots". The relative cost of economic “value in exchange” is intelligently quasi-bartered in relation to the micro-economic factor of income disparity reference. For more information on the vision and to support us in this very important mission to achieve wealth and income equity, please write to [email protected]. To contribute to continuing research and realizing the global vision of income equity, click here to make a donation

The Retail Charity Program and the Crowd-Funding platform are key preliminary steps in the journey towards making the world a more equitable and spiritually enriching place to live. Philanthropists and corporations interested in commencing these initiatives in countries where we don't have a presence (outside US and India), may reach out to the founder directly at [email protected]

Anybody from research background or interested in participating in group research can contact us through e-mail [email protected]


"SocioLadder shall be the number one partner of choice in the global charity and social transformation sectors. SocioLadder shall transform the way charity is given, taken and measured for impact"


SocioLadder runs on vital principles of achieving the philosophy of wealth re-distribution.

The goal is to fight against income and wealth disparities. Our founder Mr. Shravan Charya is working on a book, "True wealth Distribution". The by product of that work is a patent that attempts to propose practical methods of redistribution of wealth.

Core Values

  • Mutual Respect between giver and recipient
  • 100% transparency on the trail of funds and its application
  • 0% tolerance for unethical organizations, people and practices
  • Religion, Caste, Creed, Background and Race agnostic approach
  • Promote work-life balance of all its employees
  • Environment conscious approach to all programs
  • Promote Wealth and Income equality as a fundamental philosophy

Our Team

Shravan Charya

Shravan Charya

Founder & CEO
Founder – Lets Corp Singapore and the world's first Career Eco-system Platform letscareerup.com – a $100M dollar valued corporation with awards and endorsements won from Governments of India, the United Kingdom and Belgium (Flanders).
Inventor of 21 patents awarded by the Singapore Government via the Danish Patent Office (Europe) for his inventions in transforming the human capital of the world.
His company was featured as the Hot Start-up by Economic Times, he went on to feature in many articles and news mentions, Shravan is an astute Business Leader with a Strategic mind-set combined with an equal measure of execution excellence. His 20 years of experience spans diverse multi-national, multi-geography, global exposure across Manufacturing (Mitsubishi JV), Consulting (Accenture), Technology (Microsoft/HCL America) and Banking (Nomura).
Apart from his first-class degree from University of Madras, he is also affiliated to the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS), United Kingdom. His experience covers New Business Ideation to Commercialization, Start-Up Business Build-outs, Outsourcing, Product Development, Technology Practice Management, Supply Chain design and global execution, Leadership Planning and Development for Mid to Large organizations.

Steven Heeley

Steven Heeley

Co-Founder and President, SocioLadder America
He is the President, SLHeeley Tax Preparation Services a reputable Enrolled Agent with the Federal and State Governments in the United States. Over 20 years of experience in USA across Telecom, Tax/Regulatory and a successful Founder of SLHeeley Tax Preparation Services that offers a one stop shop for all tax and regulatory services in the United States. He is also the President of the Illinois Society of Enrolled Agents


Since 2017 Sep has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.